Barn Doors: The Hot New Design Trend For Your Space

April 06, 2018

 It’s true. Barn doors no longer belong just in barns. They are hip, modern, and one of the most in-demand design trends of the modern era. You may imagine those red doors of Old MacDonald’s farm and wonder, how is this going to fit in my modern home?

The truth is, sliding barn doors are extremely versatile (think less agricultural) and can fit into almost any designer work or home space.


Long gone are the days (okay, more like 2017) where most were created rustic or stained to look like ACTUAL barn doors. You can now find some of the most stunning pieces with a modern finish. In terms of functionality, they can be great as a dramatized entryway or closure for guest bathrooms or small (and maybe untidy) home offices.

Transform a mediocre doorway into a handcrafted gateway. If you aren’t as worried about its usability, include one in your home to add a little flair to your decor.


At Grafted Hardware, you will find superiorly engineered barn doors (made in the US) that are made to not warp or bow, guaranteed. With 35 years of experience, we welcome you to a place of one of a kind pieces with character that you will know and love.


Traditional Barn Doors


We have a few traditional barn doors that add a very homey and complementary feel to your space. These are some of the original designs that launched the trend into what we now see just about everywhere.


K Barn Door Starting at $495



 Z Barn Door Starting at $495


X Barn Door starting at $495


Modern Barn Doors


If you want to stick with a more modern theme in your home, we have a selection of sleek and updated barn doors … that will make you forget that they are even barn doors. Each piece can be customized with wood, paint, stain, and size options!


3 Panel Barn Door start $449

Diagonal Slatted Barn Door starting at $449

Lush 2 Panel Barn Door starting at $449

Six Slot Modern Barn Door starting at $795


As you can see, barn doors have come a long way since Old MacDonald’s farm (cue the airplane industrial barn door).

They have become the go-to art piece to spice up a room and a space saving solution when traditional doors won’t work. Update your current closet, garage, or bathroom doors with a barn door!


Can you hop on board with this interior design trend? Which one from our collection would you love in your home … and where?


Shop our full collection and see how you can customize a barn door for your home or work space today!