5 Tips to Revamping Any Room

April 06, 2018

Whether you have lived in your space for decades, just moved in, or are simply bored of the current arrangement, revamping a room can change the look and feel of your entire home. It can improve your attitude, allow you to press ‘reset’ on some bad design decisions, or inherently be a fun project to take on with your spouse. Who knows, once you get started... you may catch the interior decorating bug!


To help you begin the process (or begin brainstorming, at least), we want to share five of our top tips for updating any space.


Let There Be Light


Denver Tavern


Lighting can drastically alter the look and feel of almost any room, so don’t neglect it during the  revamping process.


  • Arrange lamps in such a way that natural and artificial lighting creates a ‘triangle of light’, which gives off “homey” and inviting vibes.
  • Select interesting and attractive floor or table lamps that are visually appealing, even when off.
  • Are there any features in your space that you want to highlight in particular - like a piece of art? These focal points can easily be emphasized with modern wall lights.
  • To make the ceiling look higher, select floor lamps that have shades below the light bulb (halogens), as they reflect light onto the ceiling and make it look much higher than it is.
  • Add curtains to keep sunlight out of certain areas, and create more windows to invite extra in.


Lighting is more powerful than you think and can breathe life into a dark or drab room.

Let there be light!

Replace Entryways with Barn Doors


Dwelling Decor


Standard, bleek entryways are so last season! There is a new doorway in town … sliding barn doors! You may have noticed them trending across almost every interior design publication, blog, and Facebook feed. Forget ranches and farms, this style is now commonly placed in some of today’s most modern locations, whether it is used as dramatized doorways for guest bathrooms or closures for small workspaces.


  • Barn doors are perfect to partition two areas, such as a kitchen or living room (which normally may be connected by a large opening).
  • If your plan is to add a barn door as an artistic focal point, spring for bright colors or slits of frosted glass.
  • If you prefer that the barn door stay subtle and blend in, paint it with a similar color as the adjoining walls.


Whether you hope to redesign a monochrome, wooden door into a rustic entryway or a bland office divider into a modern gateway, the design options with barn-doors are unlimited and will add a brand-new-feeling to a not-so-new space.


Paint The Old Into the New


Richard Powers at Architectural Digest


It’s time to head to your local hardware store and grab some color swatches! While painting seems messy and time-consuming, it is one of the fastest and most inexpensive methods to transform the overall personality of a room.


  • The key is to select a color that encompasses the exact ambiance you want - light and modern, bright and varied, or dark and cozy?
  • Try painting different colors on alternating walls or similar colors on both the ceiling and floor to elude that the room is larger.
  • Be daring and paint baseboards a contrasting color to make the walls pop.


Many interior designers swear that repainting a room alone can drastically alter its whole appearance! We have to agree!


Re-Arrange Until It Is Unfamiliar


Bolten Furniture, Inc.


The truth is we are all creatures of habit, and wherever the furniture was placed initially is probably where it still is (even if it isn’t the ideal location). Re-arrange your furniture, art pieces, and accessories within a room until it no longer looks familiar. Oftentimes, you may not even need to add anything new to the space, but instead give it a little re-shuffle.


  • Not only may you find that missing earring from 1989 underneath the couch, you can do some serious deep cleaning too.
  • You will eventually re-arrange furniture in such a way that allows you to identify what you truly love or don’t love about the decor (goodbye half chewed ottoman).


Beautiful things happen when you re-arrange, so let’s get to it!


Show Off a Favorite Art Piece


Peter Dunham Design in Architectural Digest


A nice piece of art can change the whole character of a room and speak volumes by itself. Whether it is a painting, rug, sculpture, or barn door (see above), eyes will naturally gravitate to this focal point.


  • To avoid clutter or making the room appear smaller, stick to one / two pieces of artwork per space.
  • If you prefer the more eclectic and adventurous style, stock up your walls with your favorite paintings.
  • Have some artwork you love, but the frames just aren’t doing it anymore? Update the frames to something more modern, and you may find that the piece is unrecognizable.
  • What about adding an eyecatching, beautiful rug (yes, this counts as artwork), matching mirrors, or subtle greenery?
  • If you have big and bold furniture, keep the artwork to a minimum.


Revamping your space does not have to be overwhelming or stressful, and can give you a new outlook on life, brighten up your mood, or just allow you to have some fun!

Which tip is your favorite and what do you plan to do with your room revamp? 

Our favorite is ( of course ) barn doors! Check out or selection of barn doors to change your space in an instant!