Q: How much is shipping? 

A: Shipping is free.

Q: How do I know what size of door to order? 

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Q: How long does shipping take  ? 

At Grafted Hardware we want each and every door to be absolutely perfect this is why we require a shipping and lead time 4-6 weeks for custom doors. Our doors a designed and custom manufactured in the Midwest, and will be shipped directly to you via freight.

All hardware will be shipped in 2-3 weeks.

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Q: What makes Grafted different? 

Grafted Hardware is committed to delivering quality, hand crafted barn doors to your home.We turn positive first impressions into lasting ones by building our doors to stand the test of time.

Our doors are superiorly engineered, beautifully designed, fully assembled, and feature the design on both sides of the door. 

By using specially engineered core materials that resist moisture and minimize the effect of climate and temperature changes, we eliminate the prime causes of splitting and cracking.

Our door panels are set into compression foam bumpers that keep them centered and absorb the effects of expansion and contraction. After assembly, our doors are trimmed to exact width and height for a consistently precise fit. 

Three-phase sanding includes a final hand sanding to remove any cross-grain scratches. We eliminate glue residue with the aid of black lights and individually inspect every door before it is carefully packed and loaded for delivery. 

All our doors are built by skilled craftsmen, using modern equipment, who are dedicated to making the finest doors produced in America. The result is a door that fits properly, is ready to hang, and provides lasting value. 

Grafted Hardware doors are proudly made in America, supplying jobs to American workers.